Melody Pickle and The Enchanted Arch, Part 1

517mE6mKNwL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_I LOVE this book because it has magic, and who doesn’t like magic? More than once, I was on the edge of my seat, since Melody tends to get herself into lots of pickles. Get it?!

Melody Pickle, who is 15 years old, goes to a park and finds an enchanted arch with her friends. Because she’s the brave and curious one in her group, she goes through the arch, and her adventures begin! These adventures include a wolf-man; enchanted animals; and magic wands. She gets imprisoned in a work camp straightway, and the drama begins! It’s one thing to be imprisoned, but even worse to be imprisoned in a new world you don’t understand!

I love Harry Potter for its magical world, and I liked this book for the same reason. The arch isn’t the only thing “enchanted” in this first part of the Melody Pickle series. The book is too! And I can’t wait to read more!

(Side note! I know the person who wrote this book, and I think he is so smart for creating it. Get your copy today!)




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