The Mysterious Benedict Society

510cd0w1aUL._SX341_BO1,204,203,200_So my friend, Stephanie, is getting her PhD in English, which means she’s going to be a doctor-of-books like my mom. She was at a secondhand bookstore and saw Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society and thought it looked like something I would like. Smart girl, that Steph.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a great book for young minds who love to learn. In the book, four kids (Constance Contraire, George Washington / a.k.a. Sticky, Reynie Muldoon, and Kate Wetherall) go through a series of tests. What’s cool? You get to take the series of tests with them. That may not sound like fun, but trust me: it is. These tests are more like riddles and puzzles that you try to figure out as you read, along with the characters. I even learned Morse code from this book! My mom couldn’t believe it: I got out my school notebook, so that I could practice Morse code. Best use of a school notebook ever.

More fun stuff in the book includes: old mansions, secret agents, a curiously evil school, and the quest to conquer an evil person with an evil machine. My favorite character: Kate. And, the best thing? I just found out this book is the first of a SERIES. Win!




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